Go 100% digital. Go completely paperless

  • Enable your application to digitally sign any document.
  • Quick online signing by the user with no need to procure any physical device.
  • Standard REST APIs to support any programming language
  • Documents can be in any format including PDF, Office documents, text, etc
  • Use PDF documents for widely used signature appearance-based e-signatures
  • Supports PKCS#7 based signing, as well as PKCS#! based raw signatures

Electronic Signature: Use Cases for Your Business Know More

Enrolment Procedure

Users can easily enrol using any of the online modes as under

Option 1Quick Plug & Play using emSigner

eMudhra's emSigner acts as a standard platform for you to quickly integrate and go live with eSign. This procedure does not require your application to go through a detailed process of becoming an ASP (as defined under eSign regulations) as emSigner will act as a compliant ASP platform on behalf of your application.

The standard set of modern APIs will allow your application to integrate seamlessly and go live in shortest possible time.

No coding effort required.
Onboarding in minutes.

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Quick Plug & Play using emSigner

Option 2On-board as an ASP

eMudhra in its capacity as a Certifying Authority (CA) is an eSign Service Provider (ESP). You can apply to become an Application Service Provider (ASP) with eMudhra by filling the form and submitting the required documents.
Steps to avail eSign as an ASP:

  • Submission of scanned documents, along with application form and terms & conditions acceptance
  • Completion of integration
  • Audit by qualified Auditor
  • Submission of all physical documents
  • Go Live
On-board as an ASP

Coding effort required to attach signatures.
Onboarding typically takes 1-3 weeks.

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Buy Digital Signature Certificate

If you are a frequent signer,You can also use Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate.