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About eSign

  • »eSign is in accordance to Second Schedule of Information Technology Act.
  • »Digitally Sign documents with eSign.
  • »Cloud based signing, securely by the licensed eSign Service Provider (ESP)
  • »Supports both OTP and Biometric based Aadhaar Authentication.
  • »Aadhaar holder has to authenticate for each transaction.
  • »Document never leaves users computer. Thus, secure and confidential.
  • »eMudhra is the first empaneled eSign Service Provider by CCA, Ministry of IT, Government of India.
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eSign your PDF documents

Subscribed users can download eSign PDF Utility (free) and sign any PDF using eSign. Currently, this utility supports Windows (with .Net). This is a free utility developed to facilitate PDF signing with eSign along with OTP based authentication.

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