• Remote signing with qualified signatures. Cloud based electronic signatures with multi-factor authentication.
  • Legally valid under Section 3 of Indian Information Technology Act.
  • Compatible for any electronic document signing including PDF, Word, Excel, XML, etc.
  • Precenseless & paperless eSign account creation with online video verification.
  • Based on advanced face recognition technology for remote verification.
  • Multiple modes of customer identification, including Bank KYC, Aadhaar Offline KYC and Organization KYC.

Integrate eSign in your application

  • Open API standards published by Government Regulator for interoperability.
  • Secure HTTPS REST APIs, compatible with all programming languages including Java, C#, C++, etc
  • Ready-to-use integration kits offered by eMudhra for easy integration in your application.
  • Supports multi-document signing, up to 5 documents per transaction.
  • No additional specialized hardware required for your application, and compatible in your existing business application.
  • Secure electronic signatures with Timestamping and Long term validity

Buy Digital Signature Certificate

If you are a frequent signer,You can also use Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate.