• User friendly process requires no training for signer, quick execution of more contracts
  • Supports all forms of signatures online, embedded, link based, bulk and API based.
  • eSign is legally bound with robust security platform and compliances. It is a tamper proof digital signature.
  • Cost competitive and rapid implementation. Available to use at best price in the industry

Use Cases of eSign

eSign online Electronic Signature Service can be effectively used in scenarios where signed documents are required to be submitted to service providers - Government, Public or Private sector.

  • The agencies which stand to benefit from offering eSign online electronic signature are those that accept large number of signed documents from users.
  • Digital Locker : Self attestation
  • Tax : Application for ID, e-filing.
  • Financial Sector : Application for account opening in banks and post office
  • Transport Department : Application for driving licence renewal, vehicle registration
  • Various Certificates : Application for birth, caste, marriage, income certificate etc.
  • Passport : Application for issuance, reissue
  • Telecom : Application for new connection
  • Educational : Application forms for course enrolment and exams
  • ERP applications
  • CRM applications
  • Purchase Orders, Invoices, etc
  • Bank products like credit card application, loan applications, etc
  • Intra-office notes and approvals
  • Customers and vendor documentation procedures
Note - Above Use-cases are referred from the government consultation paper for eSign implementation. Some of these Use-cases may be under implementation or to be implemented in future.

About eSign

Online electronic signatures for India

eSign is one of the key element for Paperless revolution, as part of Government's Digital India Program. Keeping in line with the Digital India Initiative by the Government of India, eMudhra has developed eSignature services - a new and innovative electronic signature service (eSign) which can facilitate a PAN Card / Aadhaar Holder to digitally sign a document within seconds from anywhere and anytime. eMudhra by virtue of being a Certifying Authority under the ministry of IT, Government of India, can issue legally valid eSignatures. Under the Information Technology Act, eMudhra's eSign is legally valid and substitutes the need for a physical or wet signature.

Hence, wherever a Customer is required to sign any documents, eMudhra's eSign can be used. Banks, Financial Institutions and various other agencies are now using the eSign services for routine service requests such as Deposits, Nominations, Salary Accounts and other service requests thereby saving cost and resulting in improved Customer experience.

About eSign

From a business perspective, eSign would change how business is done in India. eMudhra eSign's idea is to aid in the digital transformation of the whole country and improve ease of doing business. eSign will significantly accelerate the ease of Customer, employee or vendor onboarding by any organization and doing online transactions anytime from anywhere with any of your constituents. Thus it will result in huge cost reduction and achieve faster turnaround time for all transactions that leads to a cashless society. eMudhra is already working with several Banks, Payment Banks, Financial Institutions, Brokerage Houses to enable paperless transformation and aims to reach 10 million eSigns within the next few months.

Buy Digital Signature Certificate

If you are a frequent signer, You can also use Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate.